WTIwireless was born in response to the changing world of technology and the evolving nature of our clients' businesses. At WTI, we adapt with our customers and pride ourselves in providing the best solutions at the lowest possible prices.

Since our start in the late 90s, meeting the needs of our clients has always remained our top priority. From creating customizable routers to developing versatile data plans, WTI is here to help.

Give us a call at (800)475-1001 ext. 105 to discuss your wireless service needs and to see what WTI can do for you.

With a rich history in telecommunications, Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc. was established in 1997 to provide long-distance calling, 800 numbers, and more. As technology and culture evolved, so did the needs of our clients.

As our clients transitioned to VOIP systems, the low quality of internet from their Internet Service Providers caused jitter on the phone lines. After researching the problem to see what solutions were already being offered, WTI developed a cellular router solution that extended far beyond the limits of the phone industry.

Today, we continue in these traditions and still believe in offering quality, feature-rich hardware that stands the test of time and provides clients with optimum levels of connectivity.

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