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Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc. “WTI” has a rich history in telecommunications. We started out in the 1990’s servicing the payphone industry. Back then, we were providing operator services, building rate files and setting up 1+ long distance service for independent payphone operators.

Our clients were looking for a way to lower dial tone costs. That was when our R&D department went to work. We solved that issue for them by providing a VoIP adapter allowing old payphones to utilize the latest technology of that day. After that, we began applying that solution to other industries helping them to reduce skyrocketing costs of business telephone systems. By providing them with VoIP office dial tone services and IP PBX phone systems, we provided exceptional cost reductions for our rapidly growing client base.

As we deployed more and more of these adapters, our clients came to us with new challenging issues related to pathway diversity and business continuity. We continued in our tradition of producing creative solutions for difficult issues. After significant research, we settled on a truly reliable solution to ensure network resilience. By utilizing the 3G networks of that day we were able to overcome the “Last Mile” problem which is a significant limitation with all land based ISPs.

Our clients needed a dependable failover solution for mission critical systems like point of sale and VoIP phone systems. We delivered once again with a device that constantly monitors the primary connection and automatically activates the secondary cellular connection when needed to ensure network resilience.

Today, we continue in these traditions and still believe in offering rugged, feature rich hardware that stands the test of time. This time we developed a future proof platform with an upgradable architecture that is flexible and delivers the highest levels of connectivity available. And that’s also why we partnered with the best US carriers Verizon, AT&T, and T Mobile with the most reliable 4G LTE data networks.

We couldn’t stop there though, because 4G connectivity isn’t enough for everyone, so we built in a safety net feature. The WTI-3200 series rolls back to a 3G connection if needed, ensuring the most dependable connectivity. Additionally, we built in a dual antenna system to help ensure the highest level of connectivity for your mission critical systems.

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