Full-featured Cloud Management

Centralized Management
Manage all of your devices from any internet-connected device. Get real time data usage information and configure alerts to meet your unique needs.
Real Time Data
Business happens at the speed of light. With real time data capabilities, you can rely on reality rather than gut instinct. With just a glance of the dashboard, you will know exactly what needs your attention.
Get the most current information about your network. Take a thousand foot overview or drill down into each device to get data usage down to the MB.

We all know that signal strength is a key factor to the speed and reliability of a data connection. With WTI’s cloud management portal you can view real time signal strength whenever you want. You can also look over the detailed history to troubleshoot any connectivity issues.

Do you love data? We do! That’s why we give you the ability to export to Excel or CSV. We also offer PDF and Word just in case you might need that too.
One thing is for sure; when you run a network of any size you need control. So, we offer options like Reboot, Ping, Rename, Monitor including the ability to setup and refine Alerts.
Customizable Alerts
Don’t you just love it when things work like they are supposed to? Most of the time that is the case but what if a problem arises and you need to know about it right away? That’s what alerts are for. We give you significant control over your alert thresholds. Setup one for data usage. Another for changes in device status or yet another for failover warnings. You decide what matters.

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