Cellular Connection for Digital Kiosk

Whether you are new to the Kiosk business or a deeply invested pro, when the data connection to a deployment goes down, it is more than just an irritation. Setting up wired internet connections are a slow expensive endeavor and many times lack the mobility needed. WTI wireless provides instant connectivity for Kiosks, which allows placement for maximum visibility and utilization. Don’t hide your Kiosk in the corner because you have to connect at the wall. Our 4G LTE / 3G modem router combo delivers a reliable and secure connection using the latest in wireless technology. A data connection on cellular networks enables faster transaction speeds and wider coverage. Are you sharing a data connection? Our clients tell us that this is very problematic and many times leads to difficult conversations with an IT department that has little concern for their installation. Meanwhile loss of internet connectivity leads to lost opportunities, failed updates and inconvenience for clients. Best-case scenario, they lose interactions until the Kiosk is back online; worst case, it causes a major problem and actually damages a business’s reputation. These issues are completely avoidable for $5 a month.
The simplest way to address these issues is with a secure data solution. All WTI devices offer a compact footprint with an all-metal enclosure. Our modem router combo utilizes an energy efficient design, employs the latest 4G LTE wireless technology, and has a specially designed dual antenna system that provides the most dependable signal reception in the industry. If you need the ultimate connectivity, our WTI 3200 series will also failback to 3G when necessary. Why put so much quality into one package? Simple, reliability produces happy customers.
A WTI 4G LTE modem router combo is a complete solution, that is preconfigured to fit your exact situation. In the box, you will find everything you need, the correct power supply, two 4G LTE/3G magnetic mount antennas, and an ethernet cable. This secure data solution also includes a robust firewall that helps to keep the “bad guys” out. Need more control over your deployments? Consider our Remote Power Switch, another popular part of our digital Kiosk solution. This unit costs less than one service call but gives you the ability to reboot your entire deployment. Simply access the controls remotely through our cloud based management portal. Could it be any easier? Well actually yes! You can also control the RPS on the go via email or text message.
Do you need a Plug and Play 4G LTE solution? We can help with that, because we invest the time upfront and fully configure our modem router combo to meet your specific needs. We also fully test every unit before it ships, which ensures the highest level of consistency, to ensure you receive a truly Plug and Play M2M solution. Additionally, all of our custom solutions feature an upgradeable architecture which future proofs your purchase. It’s more than likely your needs will change over time; rest assured our device can change with you. Maybe you need primary data connection here and a failover data connection there, no problem. Maybe you want to upgrade to 5G LTE when that comes out. We have got you covered. If you have been searching for time-tested custom data solution that can keep up with your changing needs, look no further.
Once your device is up and running, management is a breeze. Our cloud based management portal is accessible from any of your internet-connected devices. Simply head over to our website, login and you have full control over all of your devices on our network. Here are just some of the things you can do
• Current data usage
• Current signal strength
• Historic status reports
• Export to Excel, PDF, Word, or CSV
• Reboot and Ping
• Rename
• Monitor
• Data usage
• Device Status
• Failover warning
• Set frequency
Are you looking for a pooled or shared plan? Do you need a static IP here and a dynamic IP there? No problem, we have got you covered at no extra charge. The best part, no long-term contracts, just great service. Our monthly plans start at $5 a month

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