WTI - 6500 Series
A Cost-Effective, Flexible Network Solution
5 Port Router
Peak Data Speeds:
DL 300 Mbps / UL 50 Mbps
If you’re looking for flexibility, we’ve got you covered with the WTI - 6500 Series router. This router is a fully customizable platform that works as a standard or failover unit and can the firmware can be updated over-the-air.

Change carriers? No problem! Just switch out the SIM card to the new carrier and you’re set.

Our routers are also equipped with the option to upgrade to 5G when applicable, equating to lower costs in owning and operating data connectivity over time.
Primary Data Connection
AT&T and Verizon
Same dependability as land-based ISPs
Wireless Failover
Make Internet outages a thing of the past
Wireless failover within 10 seconds
Constant Contact
Overcome cellular congestion for high-volume events
No extra equipment needed

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