We want the best pricing and coverage for our customers, which is why we partner with the Major Four Wireless Carriers, who offer the most reliable 4G, 5G and LTE data networks on a month-to-month agreement.

Grouped Data Plan
Ideal for devices using over 750 MB/month. These plans can be pooled together across multiple devices. The more devices you have and the more data you use per device, the lower your monthly fee becomes per device.

IoT Plan
Ideal for devices using less than 750 MB/month. This is our pay for what you use plan. We charge you by the MB so you never have="leftover" data at the end of the month.

25 MB Pooled Plan
This plan was designed for ATMs, vending machine operators, etc. 100 ATM transactions are approximately 1 MB of data. 25 MB provides you the opportunity to process large amounts of transactions and use additional devices and data services such as RMS, Digital Toppers, Liberty X, Gift Cards, etc.

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