Problems Faced
Need Flexibility in Your Data Plan
Most Internet Service Providers (wireless & traditional) offer a one-size-fits all data plan.

Traditional Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are Expensive
In the case you have to provide a connection, traditional ISPs are expensive.

Loss of Connectivity
Loss of connectivity often leads to loss of revenue, failed communications, increased risk of fraudulent charges, and inconvenienced clients.

All Internet Service Providers (ISPs) Have Downtime
Virtually all ISPs offer 99% availability of service. The average downtime per year is 14 hours per year.
The WTIwireless Difference
Wireless Internet Service Provider (ISP)
A wireless ISP gives your equipment a cellular internet connection (like your cell phone connection) with the reliability you have come to expect from your traditional ISP.

Experience Across Industries
WTI has clients that us our routers in a variety of ways including VOIP systems, ATM operators, micro-markets, monitoring oil rigs, smart safes and more. Our router was designed to be universal for any device that needs an internet connection.

Plug & Play Solution
Our plug & play router creates a reliable solution for all of your deployments. In three simple steps you will connected to the internet.

To learn more call us at (800) 475-1001.
• Adaptable
• Robust Firewall
• PCI Compliant
• 5-Year Warranty (with WTI data plan)
• Constant Contact
Data Plans
• Verizon & AT&T
• Month-to-month contracts
• Monthly fee as low as $1/month
• GBs as low as $5
Remote Power Switch
• Power cycle devices via cloud management
• Automated, schedules, and remote management
Cloud Management
• Review router status & data usage
• Reboot and ping devices
• Set alerts

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• Email:
• Phone:(800)475-1001
• Fax:(818)878-9871

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